Laser Metal Fabrication: Precision and Power

Innovating Precision Metalwork with State-of-the-Art Technology

At the forefront of metal fabrication technology, our facility proudly showcases two 4000-watt Mitsubishi Lasers, emblematic of our commitment to precision and efficiency. These high-powered lasers are not just tools but are the heart of our cutting-edge operations, enabling us to deliver products with unmatched quality and precision.

Unmatched Capabilities in Laser Cutting

Our pair of Mitsubishi Lasers are engineered to process materials with extraordinary precision. They have the capability to cut through 1-inch thick carbon steel and 0.5-inch stainless steel (sst), making them exceptionally versatile for a wide range of applications. The edge quality provided by these lasers is unparalleled, ensuring that each cut is clean, precise, and consistent. The ability to handle large sheet sizes up to 5×10 feet further sets our lasers apart. This capacity allows us to undertake substantial projects, accommodating large-scale designs and complex cuts without sacrificing precision.

Industries We Serve and Applications

  • Medical: Precision cutting for surgical instruments, implants, and medical devices.
  • Data Centers: Fabrication of metal enclosures, racks, and cooling components.
  • Transportation: Cutting and shaping of automotive parts, including body components and frames.
  • Power Transmission: Production of metal parts for electrical grids and transmission systems.
  • Commercial Construction: Structural components, beams, and architectural metalwork.
  • Outdoor Power Equipment: Parts for landscaping and outdoor machinery.
  • Lift & Access: Components for elevators, escalators, and access systems.
  • Agriculture: Parts for agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Military: Precision components for defense systems and vehicles.

Precision Meets Efficiency

What truly sets our laser metal fabrication apart is the blend of precision and efficiency. The 4000-watt power of the Mitsubishi Lasers ensures swift cutting without compromising on the quality of the cut. This efficiency translates into faster turnaround times for our clients, enabling us to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Metals of Honors works with select partners for metal fabrication contract work.

Note: Metals of Honor does not work on one-time metal fabrication projects.

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